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The ultimate guide to planning and preparing your meals, as told by a personal trainer

How to meal prep, as told by a personal trainer. Picture: leannemoorefitness/Instagram
How to meal prep, as told by a personal trainer. Picture: leannemoorefitness/Instagram

Personal trainer and blogger Leanne Moore told her top tips for planning and preparing meals.

Make time to prepare

Most people say "I just don't have the time." But the reality is nobody has the time, you have to make time. You are as important as all the other tasks you have to do. You wouldn't send the kids to school without their lunch! Take a few minutes to prep a meal and some snacks for the day ahead.

Don't make boring meals

If you don't feel great about what's going into your lunchbox - chances are its going to stay in there and you'll end up popping out to grab something a little more appetising. Bring food you enjoy. Eating healthily is not supposed to limit you. Find the healthier food you enjoy - it isn't all about rice and chicken!

Look for inspiration

Social media is the perfect place to seek inspiration. I constantly share food and fitness ideas. Look out for ideas that will work for you. Try them and add variety to your meal prep. Variety is the spice of life!

Buddy up

Arrange with a work colleague to share the meal prep. Choose alternate days to bring the lunch to work. That way you instantly get variety, you'll be more encouraged to seek out new inspiration and you have someone with you keeping you on track with your healthy habits.

Don't skip breakfast

This is the meal that causes the biggest problem, yet it definitely is the most important meal of the day. If mornings are a rush - think of food you can prep the night before.

Breakfast ideas:

2 boiled eggs and Banana

Overnight Oats

Protein Smoothie (prep the night before and add milk/water and blend in the morning)

Literally finished #dinner an hour ago and already dreaming of #breakfast It's ALL about food with me

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Stock up on snacks

To be honest, meals are the easy part, it's the biscuits and sweets in between that usually pose a problem. In many workplaces there will be sugary snacks widely available. My solution to this is to have a snacks drawer. Fill it with healthier options. Raw nuts, corn cakes, nut butter, protein bars and bring in fresh fruit daily. Don't be caught short.

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