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The retro sweet top ten

Clove Rock

Red and white rolls made by Shandon Sweets.

Macaroon bars

Made again in Ireland by Urneys.


Chocolate-coated mallow balls sprinkled in coconut, back in vogue thanks to Caffrey's of Dublin.


Milk and raspberry chews on a stick.

Sam Spudz

Crinkle crisps of the 1980s, revived by Ray 'Mr Tayto' Coyle of Largo Foods.

Cleeves Toffees

Square toffees made again by Urneys.

Sherbet Fountain

Liquorice stick in a tube of sherbet by Barratt's.

Big Time Bars

Rock-hard toffee with chocolate by Caffrey's.


The black and white striped classics, handmade by Shandon Sweets.


Multicoloured balls that last almost forever, for kids with very little pocket money.

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