Saturday 18 January 2020

The owners of Shells Café in Sligo release stunning new book

The food at Jane and Myles Lamberth's Shells Cafe in Strandhill, Co Sligo is eclectic and addictive, a bit like riding the waves outside the front door

Jane and Myles in their new home with their dog
Jane and Myles in their new home with their dog
Book cover, Surf Cafe Living
Myles prepares for the surf off the coast of Sligo
Mlkes and Jane biking surf cafe living
Cooking marshmallows

Five years ago, Jane and Myles were travelling the world searching for their dream 

"We were looking for not just a home but a possible place for a business and a life and we had pretty tough criteria," explains Jane, who hails originally from Dublin.

"We wanted surf, and lots of it. We wanted a strong community that could sustain a business if we ever managed to open it. We were searching for that special place that could meet Myles' lifestyle having grown up in sunny Cape Town, and of course mine, being close to family, not too remote but off the grid a little."

The couple always loved Strandhill, but thought of it as a fantasy, somewhere only the few got to live.

"While sitting at my desk at my job in Cornwall, I saw an advert for a manager of Shells Cafe, right on the beach and a surge of excitement came upon me," says Jane.

"I rang the owner and basically persuaded him to lease us Shells. Fast forward four years and here we are. Since then we have published two cookbooks, including our new one, Surf Cafe Living, which is about cooking and surfing on the west coast of Ireland. We opened a cool Little Shop within the cafe and renovated our dream home which happened after we stumbled upon a run down, derelict cottage. It sits just below the Knocknarea mountain with a peaceful sense about it, yet it is only half a mile from Shells Cafe.

"We got an engineer in who told us it was the worst rating he had ever given a house and, as he left the grounds, he closed the gate behind him and his parting words were 'oh and you will need a new gate'.

"Anyone who knows us, knows we love a challenge. We don't give up and we love to put our personality into things. We love to welcome people to our home, to feed them at our nine-foot long table or at our outdoor fire pit. We especially love a late summer BBQ, with lots of delicious flavours..." adds Jane.


Published by Orca Publications, €19.99

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