Wednesday 21 February 2018

Taste test: Tinned tuna

Katy McGuinness

Tins of tuna are a staple in everyone's kitchen cupboard, but depending on the purpose for which the tuna is going to be used, it's worth stocking a couple of different types. We noticed that the two versions in olive oil were in a different league to the versions in sunflower oil. We'd use the former in salads, unadorned, while the latter are best suited to being mixed with mayonnaise and employed as sandwich filling.

Shines Killybegs Irish Tuna in Olive Oil, 227g (drained weight 150g), €5.90 8/10

The price looks high on first glance, but this is a quality product made using Irish tuna from Killybegs (most of the cheaper brands use tuna from the Seychelles and Maldives) and it works out at around the same price as the Ortiz version when compared weight for weight. The olive oil gives it a luxurious feel and we would definitely put this centre stage in a tuna nicoise salad.

ORTIZ BONITO DEL NORTE WHITE TUNA IN OLIVE OIL 112g (drained weight 82g), €3.19 8/10

With the best-looking packaging by far, Ortiz tuna from Spain is almost worth buying for the tin alone. One of our testers said that he would be privileged if he got to eat this for his lunch every day. Lovely.

SUPERVALU TUNA CHUNKS IN SUNFLOWER OIL 185g (drained weight 130g) €1.35 6/10

This tuna gets the value prize, as it's virtually indistinguishable from the pricier version from market leader, John West. Mix it with mayo and you wouldn't know the difference.

SIMPLY M&S POLE & LINE CAUGHT TUNA CHUNKS IN SUNFLOWER OIL, 185g (drained weight 138g), €1.79 6/10

This skipjack tuna from M&S is noticeably saltier than any of the others that we tested. It gets marks for being responsibly caught, and is absolutely fine for sandwiches.

JOHN WEST TUNA CHUNKS IN SUNFLOWER OIL, 160g (drained weight 112g), €2.45 5/10

Tasty enough, but expensive as compared to the SuperValu version. For sandwiches, not salads, in the opinion of our testers.

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