Monday 20 January 2020

Taste test: Protein Bars

We review six protein bars
We review six protein bars
Katy McGuinness

Katy McGuinness

Protein is more popular than ever, and the number of different 'healthy' bars out there is huge. We wanted to examine what's in them and whether they taste any good. We picked these six up at the same food store, so prices elsewhere may vary.

The Best Barnone Coconut, 50g, €2.79, 8/10

This bar contains dates, pecans, whey protein, cashews, desiccated coconut and cocoa nibs. If you like coconut, then this is a good choice as it masks the flavour of dates which is dominant in many of the other bars. Pleasant texture. 213 calories, 16.8g of sugar and 7.6g of protein.

Pulsin Raw Choc Brownie Almond & Raisin, 50g, €2.40, 7/10

This bar tastes properly chocolatey and our testers liked the big chunks of almonds. 214 calories, 13.2g of sugar and 5.2g of protein.

Rude Health The Beetroot, 35g, €1.70, 6/10

If you like beetroot, this is pretty good, even though the beetroot makes up only 12pc of the ingredients (the others are dates, cashews and sunflower seeds). if you don't like beetroot, this is not the bar for you. 135 calories, 16.2g of sugar and 3.1g of protein.

Meridian Cashew Bar, 40g, €2.20, 6/10

The least sugary of all the bars that we tested, the Meridian bar tastes strongly of cashews - our testers found the consistency rather dense. There's quite a long list of ingredients. 201 calories, 8.7g of sugar and 6.2g of protein.

Nakd Pecan Pie, 35g, €1.50, 5/10

Made with just dates (52pc), pecans (28pc) and almonds (20pc) the overwhelming taste here is of dates, with the nuts adding more texture than flavour. 167 calories, 12g of sugar and 2.7g of protein.

The Primal Pantry Almond & Cashew, 45g, €2.50, 5/10

This bar contains just dates, almonds and cashews, and the flavour of date is dominant. 206 calories, 16.1g of sugar and 5.4g of protein.

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