Saturday 16 December 2017

Reeling in the years: Top 10 ice pops of the 80s and 90s

Take a trip down ice-pop memory lane with these icy favourites from our childhood.

Patricia Murphy

Patricia Murphy

It was always a sad afternoon when mothers refused the request for a delicious and indulgent 99 but we were often satisfied by the array of retro ice-pops that took our fancy.

Here are 10 that are fondly remembered, many which are still on the sweet menu as an adult.

Loop- the-Loop

Still a freezer favourite to this day, the old reliable Loop-the-Loop features the age old combo of lemon and lime iced sherbert and compliments it with a thin layer of dark chocolate (clearly the most desirable part). There’s a reason it has lasted the decades and will always be a hit amongst the ice-pop inclined.

Fat Frogs

Is there such thing as an Irish childhood summer that didn’t feature the freezy friendship of a Fat Frog? The yellow-tongued chubster featured on many trips to the beach, usually a choice by moms who didn’t want to shell out a fiver to hand a heap of 99s to a crowd of brats. Still though, it was always a worthy substitute.

Mr Freezes

mr freze.jpg

A blue or red stained mouth was guaranteed after gobbing one of these guys and more than likely a blaze of hyperactivity much to the dread of parents throughout the country. Remember the good old days when 7p could get you one of these bad boys?

Wibby Wobbly Wonder


Frozen lemon jelly, creamy banana ice cream and the sweet hit of strawberry all combined on one stick? It must be the Wibbly Wobbly Wonder being spoken about. Even the summertime rain couldn’t stop the scoffing of these treats and when HB brought them back as part of their 80th anniversary celebrations in 2006 the nation of ice-cream lovers delighted. It would be nice to see our old friend again wouldn’t it?

Super Split

You would think that milk and orange juice wouldn’t work but to the contrary. An orange icy layer surrounded the cool milky interior of the Super Split and it was happily indulged in post-rounders of a bright summer evening.

Choc Ice

Nobody likes change which is why the Choc Ice is sitting sweetly in the ice-pop hall of fame. Breaking into the thin layer of chocolate with one’s teeth might not be as indulgent doing so with the king Magnum, but it sure hit the spot and still manages to.


It can be argued that the Twister is the most beloved Irish ice-pop of all time. After all, it still holds its place in sweet shop freezers throughout the country. The perfect balance of lime and creamy vanilla ice cream all encasing a sweet strawberry interior makes for the perfect summer indulgence and is a dessert not to be scoffed at.


While not technically an ice-pop, Feasts had to get an old mention. Eagerly scoffing the exterior, embedded with crunchy nuts to expose the hunk of creamy milk chocolate inside was always a pleasure. Although the quantity of chocolate inside has depreciated considerably since the old days (we’re siting cuts to the cocoa budget) Feasts are still favourable in our eyes.



10p Sparkle ice pops were nothing but the bomb, boasting a wide range of flavours including pear, pineapple, orange and our personal favourite cola. You wouldn’t find that value these days.

Milky Moos

Milk and sugar never tasted so good and the Milky Moos we shovelled into our gobs whenever they took our fancy throughout the summer were always pure bliss.

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