Monday 18 December 2017

Are sandwiches the way to a man's heart?

New York blogger Stephanie Smith finally has a ring on it after making her boyfriend 257 sandwiches. Is this the way to ensure a proposal?

E proposed to Stephanie on sandwich 257
E proposed to Stephanie on sandwich 257
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Pulled Pork Gyros with Red Cabbage, Roasted Tomatoes and Cilantro
The sandwich happy couple
Patricia Murphy

Patricia Murphy

If you’re tapping your foot in anticipation, waiting for your boyfriend to put a ring on it you may want to take advice from New York blogger Stephanie Smith who seemingly has found the secret to a fast track engagement.

Smith’s blog was founded last year when her boyfriend, E., lovingly let her know that if she made him hundreds of sandwiches within the year, he might just think about committing to her.

 “Honey, you’re, like, three hundred sandwiches away from an engagement ring,” said E on that indescribably romantic day back in 2013 as he tucked into Stephanie’s turkey and Swiss sandwich.

Obviously realising what a catch she had found in E, beaming Stephanie set off on a mission to satisfy her man by dedicating a large proportion of her time to creating and producing unique sandwiches to satisfy his greed.

Being the stand up guy that he seems to be, E kept his promise and yesterday flashed a sparkler as Stephanie was in the midst of whipping him up sandwich number 257.

“My mouth hurts from smiling,” wrote Stephanie speaking of the engagement.

E proposed to Stephanie on sandwich 257

“I’m going to spend the rest of my life having ridiculously amazing adventures with my soul mate,” she said.

Yet, it doesn’t seem as though Stephanie has had many adventures that haven’t involved feeding her backwards boyfriend no matter how much she defends his notions of modern women.

Photo: 'Three Hundred Sandwiches'

No matter how many times that she suggests that the blog’s premise is light hearted or that E spends just as much time in the kitchen as she does, it still doesn’t support the fact that she is now basing a career on an old fashioned ideal of what makes a good wife.

Women are witness to enough jibes about getting back into the kitchen and questions about whether we can make a good sandwich without a blog suggesting that this is what men ultimately want in a partner, mostly because it is wholly untrue.

Sandwich guy.png
Photo: Instagram

I am someone who gets deep joy out of feeding other people but if a man ever uttered,  “you’ve been up for 15 minutes and you haven’t made me a sandwich” (one of E’s epic one-liners) I wouldn’t be long telling him to hit the road.

Despite the stunning choreographed photographs of Stephanie’s eventual Barbados engagement and her expressions of complete contentment it doesn’t escape the fact that E put an ultimatum on their relationship.

He told her to make him a sandwich and he’d give her a ring. There’s no respect in selling your self out for a diamond.

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