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Superfoods to bring out a super you


A severe case of pesticide poisoning prompted Canadian Udo Erasmus to study nutrition in an attempt to heal himself. When he developed chronic fatigue syndrome -- after working for three years as a pesticide sprayer -- he turned to food to look for a solution.

He completed a PhD on the relationship between essential fatty acids and toxins that are stored in our body's fat. By feeding himself enough omega-3 fatty acids from fresh linseed oil, he succeeded in ridding himself of the fat-soluble dioxins poisoning his body.

Udo made a full recovery and his 1986 book 'Fats and Oils' highlighted the importance of essential fatty acids to human health. Research shows that eating essential fats in the correct amount and ratio helps establish and maintain good health, such as a healthy heart, vibrant skin and supple joints. He went on to develop his own oil, Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend.

Last month, Udo visited Ireland to launch his new book, 'Omega3Cuisine -- recipes for health and pleasure'. This week, we feature recipes from the book (€14.95), available from Eason, healthfood stores or udoschoice.ie.

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