Wednesday 19 December 2018

'Strap in, it's going to get bumpy!' Restaurant's scathing response when TripAdvisor reviewer complained her salad was cold

Chef Jamie O'Leary (36), who runs JOLs restaurant. Photo: Facebook
Chef Jamie O'Leary (36), who runs JOLs restaurant. Photo: Facebook Newsdesk Newsdesk

A restaurant in Wales has hit back at a diner who claimed it has “similarities to Fawlty Towers” in a review online.

Elizabeth from Dorset claimed she had “rock-hard crab balls, tough lamb, undercooked salmon” at JOLs restaurant in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales.

When her first review was removed by TripAdvisor, she returned to the site again to complain.

Chef Jamie O'Leary (36), who runs the restaurant, replied and claimed Liz was leading a 'smear campaign' against his business.

He claimed the review was “inaccurate and unfair”.

“What a pleasure it is to hear from you again after the first review from your current smear campaign was removed by the Tripadvisor powers that be. However your persistence has grabbed our attention here at JOL's,” he wrote.

“Usually I'd rise above dignifying your rather misleading review with a response however today you are in luck, strap in Liz as it’s going to get bumpy.”

The chef pointed out that the "under cooked" salmon was in fact cured and poached salmon, and the salad was intended to be served cold.

“First of all there are no "crab balls" on our crab dish, I believe what has confused you is the Irish Soda Bread, believe me we've tried to bake crustless bread but our ambition clearly out-weights our talent as we still haven't quite cracked it.”

“The Salmon is not under cooked, it’s cured and poached at 40 degrees as you would have been told at the point of ordering, admittedly it does look slightly different to the stuff that comes from a tin but thats the way we like, also the Kachumba salad is I assure you meant to be cold. Salad being the clue.”

He continued: “In your first review you stated that criticising isn't easy for you, commendable effort Liz as you've taken to it like a Madgets Farm Duck to water. (free range poultry farm). I'd also like to point out that you've obviously visited us on a Sunday as this is the only day that we serve our over caramelised swede, for me 3 courses for £23 isn't overpriced at all, in fact its something of a bargain but some people go out to feed, others go out to eat. Even if being served by Manuel, just my opinion, "I know nothing".

The chef claimed that Elizabeth was just trying to "make a noise", and he signed off by wishing her "happy trolling".

“On a finishing note, Tripadvisor is a fantastic tool for both businesses and the public alike however there is always the risk of it falling into the wrong hands, gutless keyboard warriors who simply have nothing better to do that try to damage hard working businesses reputations. All of my staff treat the restaurant as their own and work hard to maintain the very high standards that we aspire to so its frustrating for everyone when someone just wants to make a noise. We look forward to seeing you again soon Elizabeth from Dorset, but in the meantime happy trolling.”

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