Tuesday 20 March 2018

Side orders... with Rozanna Purcell model and food blogger

Rozanna Purcell. Photo: Andres Poveda
Rozanna Purcell. Photo: Andres Poveda

The model and food blogger outlines her health eating habits and one or two indulgences.

Do you do breakfast?

Always, I never not have breakfast. I like to grab some oat pancakes for breakfast from the Natural Born Feeder menu in Mooch on Dawson Street or pop into Honest to Goodness for my favourite omelette.

Signature dish?

Lamb tagine. I've made lamb dishes for most of my TV food ­appearances! It's my favourite meat.

Favourite take-out meal?

Keshk Lebanese on Mespil Road. It's great quality food, you can get healthy options and they give nice portion sizes, plus they always slip in some dessert for me!

Favourite restaurant?

Rustic Stone. I love the menu, it's got such a great mix of all my ­favourite foods. The menu is original, there's nowhere else in Dublin with ­something similar. I would recommend their tuna steak and polenta chips. Mmmm!

Red or white?

I don't drink wine, never developed a taste for it.

Lunch-box staple?

A Pink Lady apple with some almond butter - my favourite snack. I'm a bit of an apple snob... I love Pink Lady apples all the way.

Guilty pleasure?

My aunt's profiteroles, I have yet to make a healthy recreation. In some ways, I don't want to because I don't think anything could beat hers.

Favourite veg?

Courgette, it's so delicious spiralised with a little bit of pesto!

Do you Consider yourself a picky eater?

Yes, but that's because I'm really into food. I love it, I want to know everything about the meal. When I'm eating, I like to taste every ­ingredient and I really appreciate well-cooked, quality food.

... always in your fridge?

Umeboshi - fermented plums. I eat one every day for my gut health, they are a great anti-bacterial ­supplement.

Favourite spud style?

Drool... Mashed, buttery, real ­potatoes!

Death-row meal?

Starter: Pigs tail sausage starter from Chapter One. Main: Kobe beef (posh, I know. I had it once and have been dreaming about it since) with dad's gravy, and buttery carrots and mashed potato. Dessert: probably the doughnut dessert I made on The Restaurant on TV3, it was pretty gluttonous.

Dream dinner guests?

Graham Norton, Larry David, Ronda Rousey, Chrissie Wellington, Conor McGregor, Dara Ó Briain and James Cordon.

Favourite dinner your dad used to make you?

My dad's stew with mash is my favourite.

Go-to comfort food?

A bowl of porridge. It's so comforting and filling... It doesn't have to be breakfast time for porridge!

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