Monday 23 April 2018

Side orders with Holly Carpenter

Holly Carpenter
Holly Carpenter

The model and lifestyle blogger divulges her eating habits, which are unsurprisingly healthy with one or two indulgences!

Do you do breakfast?

I love breakfast! When I have time I like making scrambled eggs with avocado and chilli flakes, but if I'm in a rush I'll just have a banana and a coffee.

Signature dish?

I make really good French toast with maple syrup and bacon.

Favourite take-out meal?

I like Kanoodle in Clontarf, they do a really tasty Thai green curry.

Favourite restaurant?

Zaragoza on South William Street in Dublin.

Red or white?

White - but I would choose a gin and tonic over a glass of wine any day.

Lunchbox staple?

Blueberries. I have a really sweet tooth so I pretend they're sweets to curb cravings.

Guilty pleasure?

The cookies from Domino's Pizza, they are yum.

Favourite veg?

Sweet potato or avocado... preferably together.

Consider yourself a picky eater?

Not at all! The only food I don't like is olives.

What's always in your fridge?

Tabasco sauce, it's great for giving meals a kick.

Favourite spud style?

Roast potato with lots of butter and salt.

Death row meal?

Calamari to start, a big calzone pizza for main and then Ben & Jerry's cookie dough ice-cream with Maltesers for dessert.

Dream dinner guests?

Graham Norton, Joan Rivers, Ben Affleck and Lady Gaga.

Favourite dinner your mum used to make you?

Mum would make us amazing homemade lasagne and an incredible white chocolate Malteser cheesecake.

What's your go-to comfort food?

I love bread. Toast with lots of real butter and a cup of tea is my dream! Chocolate is a very close second.

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