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Shopping Around: Tortilla wraps

We thought all the tortilla wraps tasted pretty much the same! And all had wheat flour and water as their main ingredients. So we scored mainly on price and nutritional values.

Tesco plain tortilla wraps X8

Price: €1.19 (no weight given, 15c per wrap)

Verdict: Irritatingly, no weight is given for the wraps so we can't compare price on weight, but if you base it on a price per wrap basis (and they are all similar in size) these wraps come in at 15c each, the same price as Aldi's and Lidl's wraps. These have the lowest calorie count (280 cals per 100g), the lowest sugar content (2.2g per 100g) and the second lowest fat content at 5g per 100g. The bag is also re-sealable but the salt content is second highest at 1g salt per 100g.

Score: 7 / 10

Aldi sunnyhills plain tortilla wraps x8, 512g

Price: €1.19 (€2.32 / Kg or 15c per wrap)

Verdict: These wraps have the lowest salt content at 0.93g per 100g, and are the second lowest in calories with 292 calories per 100g and also for fat at 4.2g per 100g. The price per wrap is joint lowest but on weight they are the second lowest.

Score: 7 / 10

Lidl el tequito tortilla wraps x6, 400g

Price: €0.89 (€2.35 / Kg 0r 15c per wrap)

Verdict: These also come in a re-sealable pack and contain the second lowest salt content at 0.98g per 100g. Both fat and calorie content are the second highest though, while the sugar content is the highest at 5.4g per 100g.

Score: 6 / 10

Auperquinn tortilla wraps x6, 370g

Price: €1.99 (€5.39 / Kg or 25c per wrap)

Verdict: These wraps are the dearest of the four and also have the highest calorie count at 319 calories per 100g. Fat and salt content are also the highest (8.6g and 1.35g per 100g respectively) and the sugar content is 2.9g per 100g.

Score: 5 / 10

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