Thursday 26 April 2018

Shopping around for the best overall pizza out there

Tunnbrod with smoked salmon and cream cheese
Tunnbrod with smoked salmon and cream cheese

Edel Coffey


I’ve never met a pizza I wouldn’t eat. Well, except for one with pineapple as a topping. Anything more exotic than cheese and tomato and oregano is verging on the sacrilegious as far as I’m concerned.

I spent my vegetarian adolescence eating the worst pizzas known to mankind. It wasn’t until I moved in with an Italian girl who knew about these things that I started to be a little more discerning. She taught me how to make the staples with a restraining hand. I would make risotto and she would arch an eyebrow — ‘you’re really going to put peas in there?’ she would ask in a way that made me step away from the vegetables.

Eventually, I got the idea that these dishes were classics and that’s why they work so well, so I stopped trying to reinvent them. She taught me how to make a thin-crust pizza from scratch, which was delicious and simpler than you might imagine.

Simplicity is the key to most of the best Italian food, including this one.

If you can make it yourself, all that kneading will probably make it calorie-neutral. If you're too busy (or lazy), try the pizzas below…

Marks & Spencer Handcrafted Stone Baked Pizza (Cheese & Tomato) 
Price €4.89, 450g. (Price per 100g – €1.08)
Verdict: This is very fresh and very cheesy with the finest of simple ingredients.
Per 100g, you get 270 calories, 10.8g of protein, 4.2g of sugar and 9.9g of fat.
Score: 4/5

Aldi Carlos Trattoria Speciale
Price: €2, 330g. Price per 100g – 60¢
Verdict:  This one takes out the big guns — ham, salami, mushrooms, pepperoni and cheese — which has a little bit too much going on for me. Per 100g, there is 272 calories, 11g of protein, 2.8g of sugar and 13g of fat. Score: 3/5

Tesco Trattoria Verdi Thin Cheese pizza
€1.99. 319g, Price per 100g – 62¢
Verdict: Thin-crusted and simple with soft cheese – at this price it’s the winner.
Per 100g, you get 250 calories, 12 g of protein, 2.1g of sugar and 8.1g fat.
Score: 5/5


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