Wednesday 21 February 2018

Shopping Around: Dijon mustard

Edel Coffey

I never thought I’d find myself in a mustard maker’s shop in the middle of Paris. Surely my time there would be better spent pawing the rails of designer clothes in Galeries Lafayettes? But no, last time I was in the City of Lights, I found myself browsing rows and rows of jars of every type of mustard you can imagine.

The Maille shop, just off Place de la Madeleine, is a kind of atelier where you can find mustardy haute couture and fill your own jars with customised varieties from their many mustard ‘taps’.

Here you can find that dreamed-of level of hot spiciness that simply does not get catered for in your local supermarket.

As you can probably tell by now, I’m a fan of mustard. The great thing about the Dijon variety is you can’t really mess it up, and the simpler the ingredients list, the better.

I like it as hot and spicy as I can find it, so if you’re looking for a milder offering, try wholegrain or else you can always dilute any of these with some olive oil or mayonnaise, but really that would be sacrilege!


Marks & Spencer Dijon Mustard

205g, €1.49

Verdict: A good thick and creamy Dijon with excellent strength of flavour. It really has that wasabi kick at the back of your nose.

Per 100g, you get 170 calories, 7g protein, 2.4g sugars, and 14g fat.

Score: 4.5/5


Tesco finest traditionally made Dijon mustard with white wine

180g, €2.49

Verdict: A slightly milder, smoother offering than the M&S one (but not to be mistaken for feeble — there is still plenty of kick here!). And it has a good flavour. 

Per 100g, there’s 149 calories, 6.6g of protein, 2.3g of sugars and 10.8g of fat.

Score: 4/5


Aldi’s Trois Lys Dijon mustard

200g, €0.47

Verdict: For this price, this one is impossible to beat. It’s hot and strong in flavour and the consistency is good too. Not as thick a texture as the other two but, for this price, it wins.

Per 100g, you get 121 calories, 6.3g of protein, 1.2g of sugar and 8.7g of fat.

Score: 5/5

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