Friday 24 November 2017

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Edel Coffey

Making fresh pasta is about as painstaking a job as you can give yourself in the kitchen, unless, that is, you have a fancy, expensive pasta maker. These little packets of tortellini are a good half-way point that will allow you to eat 'fresh' pasta and have a life outside of the kitchen.

Tortellini and its big brother tortelloni are little rings of pasta stuffed with cheese, vegetables (usually spinach) or meat. I spent my young life eating this sort of fresh pasta and it sustained me through my college years, although it did very little for my figure because I ate vast quantities of it.

Because it's usually stuffed with all sorts of delicious, rich cheeses, it can pack quite a calorie punch. But if you do as the Italians do and eat a small portion of pasta accompanied by masses of salad, or sprinkle a few tortellini in a broth, you will be able to have your fresh, stuffed pasta and eat it, too.

Morton's Antica Corte Tortelloni con Ricotta e Spinaci


verdict: This tortellini from luxury Dublin supermarket Morton's ( is surprisingly good value – it's the same as Aldi's tortellini. This is a good-quality stuffed pasta, perfect for everyday lunches or dinners. Per 100g you get 466cal, 19.8g protein and 13.9g fat.

score: 3.5/5

Tesco's Finest Italian Gorgonzola DOP & Fig Tortelloni Grandi


verdict: These tortelloni are from Tesco's Finest luxury range and it really shows. The ingredients are very luxurious. They cost more but the packet is 50g bigger than the others. Per 100g you get 410 calories, 13.1g fat, and 7g protein.

score: 4.5/5

Aldi's specially selected four cheese tortelloni


verdict: As always with Aldi, you're getting excellent value for money, and this particular packet is a solid winner. It tastes fantastic and the pasta has a good consistency. Per 100g you get 283 calories, 12g protein and 9.9g fat.

score: 4/5

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