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Scrambled Eggs with Goat's Cheese and Rocket

A recent trip to NYC provided me with the inspiration for this little beauty of a breakfast. We snaffled one of these in an organic restaurant just below the Brooklyn Bridge, sitting elbow to elbow with a crowd of skinny-jeaned espresso drinkers. My everyday breakfast tends to be scrambled eggs, so I was happy to try something a little different.

Although not exactly groundbreaking, the simple addition of rocket and goat's cheese makes these eggs served on a croissant a fantastic lazy breakfast treat. Serves two.

you will need

2 large croissants

2 handfuls rocket leaves

4 large free-range eggs

Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

1 tsp butter

90g goat's cheese

A few chives, snipped with a scissors, to serve


Slice open the croissants and fill with a generous amount of rocket leaves. Set aside.

In a small non-stick saucepan with a handle, whisk the eggs together until combined. Place the saucepan over a medium-low heat and, using a wooden spoon, slowly pull the eggs towards the centre. Keep the mixture moving until you have really creamy scrambled eggs. Make sure not to overcook the eggs -- take them off the heat while they are still slightly runny and creamy.

Season with sea salt and black pepper and stir through the butter and goat's cheese. Serve in the open croissants with an extra sprinkle of black pepper and a few snips of chives.

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