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Richard's found a taste for Parisian dining

WHEN Richard Corrigan moved on last summer from Bentley's Oyster Bar & Grill, his restaurant in Stephen's Green, he told me he would be opening a new restaurant. And the great chef is opening one. But not in Dublin -- as he promised after he left Bentley's. Yes, there was much talk -- mostly from Richard to me in this column -- of him taking over the restaurant in Louis Murray's La Stampa.

But no... Richard is opening a new restaurant in Paris. How do I know this? Richard told me. He was in the French capital last Monday week looking at the premises.

"I'll tell you all the details when the contract is signed," he said. I wish him well. I always do.

Meanwhile, closer to home but still on a French theme, top actress Glenn Close was in L'Ecrivain on Baggot Street on Wednesday night.

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