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Review: You can learn to be an agent of cool, says Matt O'Connor


Matt O'Connor's book gives the inside scoop on how to push ice cream to the limit and "liberate the world one lick at a time".

He started researching ice cream in New York before moving to the beguiling, jewel-encrusted coves of the Italian Riviera and later he studied with the Italian gelato master Roberto Lobrano.

In his book The Icecreamists, Agents of Cool, O'Connor explores boutique ice creams and other guilty pleasures that you can make and enjoy at home.

Thoroughly experimental, he turns ice cream concepts on their head, from cold fusing it with cocktail techniques to putting it on toast.

The book has lots of deliciously sinful desserts such as the Scarlett Fever, a strawberry ice cream made with balsamic vinegar, and Priscilla Cream of the Dessert, which was inspired by the stage show and features white chocolate and Baileys Irish cream liqueur.

Lovers of liquorice might be intrigued to try the Black Ice, while Lady Marmalade will perk up the palate of breakfast types who love the orangey tang of their Seville marmalade.

Pushing the boundaries, Matt dipped into controversy with his breast-milk ice cream to which he adds a pinch of sea salt and vanilla pods.

'The Icecreamists, Agents of Cool' by Matt O'Connor is published by Mitchell Beazley

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