Thursday 27 June 2019

Revealed: Differences in price of pint of Guinness in towns and cities across Ireland

However the cheapest pint of Guinness found was in Newport in Wales

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An analysis of the price of the pint of Guinness in the UK and Ireland has revealed that pints of the black stuff are cheaper in Northern Ireland than they are in the Republic.

The analysis looked at 200 pubs across 20 cities in the UK and Ireland and while it is no surprise to find that Dublin and London were the locations of the most expensive pints of Guinness, where you can get the cheapest pint was something of a surprise.

According to the analysis, the cheapest pint of Guinness was found in Newport in Wales where a pint of plain was available in one premises for the knockdown price of €2.70.

The next cheapest was to be found in Lisburn, on the border of Antrim and Down.

One premises there was selling a pint of Guinness for 3.32, while in Derry a pub was selling the pint for €3.38.

That put them well ahead of Waterford and Drogheda, where the cheapest pint could be found at €4.30.

In Dublin the cheapest was €4.50 while in Belfast it was just €3.66.

However, the average prices for each city revealed a different story.

In Dublin the average price for a pint of Guinness was €4.96, just behind London where the average of the pubs surveyed was €5.01.

In Belfast the average price was €4.76, while the average in Waterford and Drogheda was actually cheaper than Belfast, at €4.51 and €4.47 respectively.

The analysis, carried out by CV-Library, also shows that while there wre very large price differences to be found in the UK, especially in England, in Ireland the pricing had the lowest variance.

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