Saturday 25 May 2019

VIDEO: Top tips for the perfect poached egg

Patricia Murphy

It’s World Egg Day and FIRE restaurant’s Executive Chef Richie Wilson is on hand to help us reach poached egg perfection.

Dreamy, runny poached eggs are a staple on brunch menus throughout the country, but achieving the same effects at home on a Saturday morning might prove that bit more difficult.

In celebration of World Egg Day on Friday, Richie Wilson, Executive Chef of FIRE restaurant in Mansion House has offered his top tips when it comes to making the most out of beautiful Irish eggs.

Below is his step-by-step guide to achieving a magnificent poached egg this weekend.

Place a saucepan of water on a moderate heat until it is gently simmering. Salt the water lightly.

A few drops of malt vinegar in the water will help keep the eggs together.

Use eggs that are at room temperature, and break each egg into a ramekin before using.

On a rolling simmer, not ferociously boiling, lightly stir your water in one direction. Drop in your egg.

Leave to cook for three minutes for the perfect egg.

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