Monday 11 December 2017

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Chef Ciara Fennessy gives us her top tips and recipe to make American style pancakes this Pancake Tuesday


110g plain flour

1 tsp baking powder

½ tsp salt

2 tbsp  Siúcra Caster Sugar

Chef Ciara Fennessy
Chef Ciara Fennessy
American Style Pancakes

130ml milk

1 large egg, lightly beaten

2 tbsp melted butter plus extra for cooking


1. Sieve the flour, baking powder, salt and sugar into a bowl.

2. In a jug, lightly whisk together the egg and milk. When combined, whisk in the melted butter.

3. Use a fork to beat the milk mixture into the flour mixture until it's smooth and the lumps have disappeared.

4. Heat a large, non-stick frying pan or griddle pan over a medium heat and add a knob of butter.

5. As soon as the butter is melted and beginning to bubble, add a level ladle of batter. Add as many as you can fit.

6. The batter should be thick and easily settle into a puffy cake on the pan's surface without spreading too much.

7. When the top of the pancake begins to bubble, flip it. As it cooks, it will raise about 1cm or so.

8. When golden on both sides, serve or pop the pancakes in a warm oven while you use up the remaining batter.

Butterscotch Sauce

50g unsalted butter

80g Siucra rich dark brown sugar

50g Siucra granulated sugar

125g golden syrup

150ml double cream


1. Put the butter, rich dark brown sugar and granulated sugar into a small pot and melt over a low heat stirring constantly.

2. Add the golden syrup and bring to a gentle simmer for 3-4 minutes stirring frequently.

3. Remove from the heat and add the cream. Put the pot back on a low heat and stir constantly for one minute.

4. Delicious served hot or cold especially with pancakes and slices of banana.

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