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Susan Jane White’s vegan mint-chocolate tart recipe is free — from eggs, dairy and guilt


Susan Jane White

Susan Jane White

Susan Jane White

With so much nutrition packed into a decadent dessert, this tart is totally minted! I’ve kept it vegan, which means it’s dairy-free and egg-free. Think of it as the UN of chocolate tarts, representing the interests of all, with its peace-keeping priority.

Tofu is a terrific source of protein for gym bunnies and vegans. Famed for its unimaginative blandness, tofu has suffered bad PR these last few decades. Until now. Meet my creamy mint chocolate tart, where tofu plays a starring role. Expect lots of monounsaturated fats and vitamin E with each slice, too. Thank you, nuts! These are “good” fats associated with happy doctors and happy tickers.

Healthy food has real currency in my life. I love feeling good. When my body sings from the inside, I feel atomic. When I’m eating crap, I feel like an asthmatic snail in a 100m sprint. Know what I mean?

Mint chocolate tart

Makes 1 x 20cm tart
For the base, you will need:

125g plain unroasted nuts (you could use pecans, almonds or hazelnuts)
Large handful of pitted dried dates
Flurry of flaky sea salt
Splash of maple syrup

For the filling, you will need:
300g organic silken tofu
180g light tahini
5-6 tablespoons maple or date syrup
3-4 drops of culinary-grade peppermint essential oil,
or ¼ teaspoon peppermint extract
180g 70pc dark chocolate, melted
Pinch of flaky sea salt

1 Line a 20cm springform tin with strips of baking parchment. This will ensure easy removal from the tin later. Brownie tins are traditionally 20cm-square springform tins, and work perfectly too.

2 In a food processor, blitz the nuts into large crumbs. Add the dried dates, the sea salt and the maple syrup to bring it all together. Whizz until the mixture holds when it is pressed between your fingers. Spread it over the bottom of your prepared tin. Chill in the fridge.

3 To make the filling, gently place the tofu in a sieve for 5 minutes to drain. Add the drained tofu to your food processor along with the light tahini, the maple or date syrup, whichever you’re using, and the peppermint oil or extract, whichever you’re using. Blend as much as possible before pouring in the melted dark chocolate and the sea salt. Keep the motor running. After half a minute, the filling will start to thicken as the chocolate tries to set. Bingo! Spread this thick, glossy ganache over your chilled base and allow to firm up in the fridge overnight.

4 Keep the tart in the fridge until required. A flurry of extra flaky sea salt on top will give a few more comets of deliciousness. To serve, use a hot, sharp knife to cut each slice. 

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