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Bounty truffles. Pic: Deposit Photos.

Bounty truffles. Pic: Deposit Photos.

Bounty truffles. Pic: Deposit Photos.

I am an unashamedly greedy person, as is Himself; it was one of the first things that attracted me to him. We were on our second date, debating what takeaway to get - I know, I know; takeaway on a second date, what a slut - the choice was between Indian or Chinese. Himself pronounced that Chinese had better portions, and that was that settled. We were getting Chinese and I was officially in love.

I am particularly greedy when it comes to sweets. Societal pressure demands that I pretend I want to share confectionery with others, but in fact, from a young age, I deeply resented this. I soon devised a strategy that enabled me to 'share' my treats with the other children, but ensured that I didn't lose out too much in the process. I would exclusively choose sweets that came in individual, tiny portions, such as packets of Rolo or Munchies. I found these much more conducive to sharing than, say, a Mars bar or Snickers. This is because, when sharing a chocolate bar, you run the risk of breaking off far more than you initially intended in the sharing transaction.

This is the worst, as any attempt to re-break the bar will result in looks of disgust from your contemporaries, and a bar that is now virtually inedible due to manhandling. The other strategy I employ to avoid the mandatory sharing is to purchase confectionery items that require full-on mouth-to-item contact - Creme Eggs; Walnut Whips - unsightly sucking is a great deterrent for the would-be grabbers. Sadly, one of my favourite indulgences is a Bounty which, by its very nature, is highly conducive to sharing with others, as it comes not as a single bar but as two mini bars. Just try and open a Bounty in a one-on-one scenario without capitulating to the pressure of social norms and offering your companion the other half - it cannot be done.

This is why I rarely bought Bounty bars, despite my fondness for them. Then recently, I devised this great recipe in homage to their delectable coconutty flavour. I created the mini Bounty truffle to assuage the need to over-share.

Bounty Truffles

Makes approximately 25 truffles.

You will need:

200g (7oz) condensed milk

240g (8½oz) white chocolate

1 tablespoon butter

120g (4oz) dessicated coconut

200g (7oz) dark chocolate, to coat

Line two trays with baking paper and set aside. Put the condensed milk, the white chocolate and the butter in a pot and heat gently to melt the chocolate, stirring the ingredients to combine them thoroughly. When the chocolate mixture is smooth and creamy, pour in the dessicated coconut and mix well. Allow to cool for about 10 minutes at room temperature, then spoon generous tablespoons of the mixture on to the lined trays, leaving a few inches between each one. Put the trays in the fridge for 30 minutes.

While the coconut balls are chilling, melt the dark chocolate over a low heat, stirring frequently until smooth. Set aside to cool slightly. Take the coconut truffles out of the fridge. Roll each one in your hand to shape it into a small round ball, then place it back on the tray and press it down lightly to give it a flat base. Carefully spoon the dark chocolate over each truffle ensuring that the sides are coated, and then return them to the fridge for up to an hour or until they are completely set.

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