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Tuesday 24 October 2017

Recipe of the day: Cranberry and Oat Energy Balls

A delicious recipe from Daisy Lowe's new cookbook

Cranberry and Oat Energy Balls
Cranberry and Oat Energy Balls

Daisy Lowe

These are the ideal thing to have in your bag when you are out and about, or if you know you will be tied up all day.

Small yet packed full of flavour and nutrition, they keep you going and perk you right back up when you feel yourself starting to slump ...


100g gluten-free oats

50g desiccated coconut

150g raw peanut butter

50g flax seeds

50g dried cranberries

100ml organic maple syrup

1 tbsp chia seeds

1 tsp vanilla extract

Cranberry and Oat Energy Balls


(Makes 14)

Stir all the ingredients together in a large mixing bowl until thoroughly combined. Cover with cling film and place in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes.

With clean hands, take lumps of the mixture and roll it between your palms to create bite-sized balls. You should end up with about 14 balls.

Line a container with baking parchment. Place a layer of the energy balls in the container and cover with a second sheet of baking parchment, then add another layer of energy balls. Repeat until all the balls are boxed. Store in the fridge until needed.

Sweetness & Light by Daisy Lowe (Quadrille, €18) Food photography by Ali Allen. Portraits by Guy Aroch

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