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Power pancakes with fresh berries


Power pancake

Power pancake

Power pancake

Traditional pancakes are not a food I'd reach for because of their nutritional value, so I went in search of a healthy alternative. This Power Pancake is high in protein, which is perfect for a nutritional breakfast. A Power Pancake is also a pre-weight-training favourite for me. My weights coach, Martina McCarthy, loves these.


(serves 1)

½ banana, peeled and mashed

20g porridge oats

1 scoop of vanilla protein powder

1 egg white

1 tbsp milk

¼ tsp cinnamon

n 1 tsp coconut oil

2 tbsp Granola, to serve

1 tbsp Greek yoghurt, to serve

fresh berries, to serve


Power pancake

Power pancake

Power pancake


Stir the banana, oats, vanilla protein powder, egg white, milk and cinnamon in a small bowl to make a paste.

Heat a 20cm (8 inch) non-stick pan until very hot, then add the coconut oil.

Once the coconut oil has melted, pour in the pancake batter. Quickly swirl the pan to spread the batter and use a spatula to loosen the edge of the pancake away from the pan. Cook for 2 minutes.

Use a spatula to lift the edge of the pancake to see if it's cooked underneath. As soon as it's golden, flip it over and cook for 2 minutes on the other side.

Slide the cooked pancake onto a warmed serving plate and top with the Granola, Greek yoghurt and berries.

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