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Homemade Ghee


Homemade ghee

Homemade ghee

Homemade ghee

Making your own ghee is a fun foodie project that you can do with the kids. And you can use your favourite brand of butter. We are really spoilt for choice in Ireland with wonderful butter and dairy. Ideally you should use unsalted butter, but it works fine with salted butter. Just monitor your overall diet and salt intake.

Makes 1 large jar:

Ingredients and equipment:

1 pound unsalted Irish butter

1 medium pot

1 tablespoon

Sieve lined with muslin or a new J cloth

Medium bowl

Sterilised glass jar


Melt the butter in the pot over a low heat until completely melted. You should see white dairy solids settle on the bottom of the pot, a layer of clear yellow fat and some froth floating on the surface.

Crank up the heat to medium and cook the ghee for about 10 minutes until the dairy solids start to brown. Skim as much of the froth off using the spoon. Place the lined sieve over the bowl and carefully pour the ghee through the sieve, collecting the clear ghee in the bowl beneath.

Pour the ghee into the clean jar and cover.

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