Monday 20 November 2017

E for Effort: Scrambled eggs with Chorizo and Feta

The shock of the poo made Sophie White a mother of invention when rethinking her nappy-disposal strategies

The shock of the poo made Sophie White a mother of invention when rethinking her nappy-disposal strategies
The shock of the poo made Sophie White a mother of invention when rethinking her nappy-disposal strategies

I have always been the minimal-effort type. I'm a fan of the lazy-man's load, the easy way out and killing two birds with one stone. Himself will do literally anything to save money, while I will go to extreme measures to save on effort.

I like to think that if I put some of the energy I expend on avoiding effort into actually just making an effort, I would probably be wildly successful by now.

Himself puts a lot of energy into money-saving measures. He spent weeks researching two local supermarkets. After some extremely anal calculations, he concluded that the savings at the cheaper supermarket were great enough to compensate the toll charge and petrol outgoings required to get there.

This kind of thing exhausts me, but I suppose it's lucky that one of us possesses the will for such economical drudgery. I use my power of economic reasoning in other more self-serving ways. For example I have invented a new parenting ethos that I predict will really catch on, once attachment parents tire of breast-feeding 
14-year-olds. My parenting strategy is called minimalist parenting, and it allows for a pretty slapdash approach.

Disclaimer: Should I eventually be murdered in my sleep by the son I raised to be a sociopath, using the minimalist-parenting approach, I don't want anyone throwing this column back in my face. Let's just say that the violent matricide will be punishment enough, and move on.

To illustrate minimalist parenting - or MP - I often use the poo-chute as a point of reference. Basically, when Yer Man was very young, he was a bit of a withholder when it came to number twos and so I rarely had to contend with more than one dirty nappy a day. However, soon his output began to increase. Being MPs, we had never 
got around to buying one of those 
high-tech bins that swallow the nappies and remove all trace of odour.

I put my effort-avoiding skills to use and devised the ingenious plan of simply throwing the dirty nappies out the window. That way, the next person to wander out to the yard would just do a quick whip-round and throw the nappies directly into the black bin.

Obviously, the next logical step was to introduce the poo-chute, which transports the nappies directly from window to bin, via a section of old drainpipe and cuts out the middle step of gathering the nappies altogether.

Poo-Chute© - scataLogical Solutions for the modern minimalist parent.

Scrambled Eggs with Chorizo & Feta

Serves 2.

Scrambled eggs are a great zero-effort meal and this version has major added oomph with a slightly Mexican vibe.

You will need:

100g (4oz) chorizo, peeled and diced

4 eggs

2 tablespoons cream

2 teaspoons butter

50g (2oz) feta, crumbled

2 tablespoons creme fraiche

A squeeze of lime juice

Fresh coriander, chopped, to serve

Heat a small frying pan over a high heat and add the peeled and diced chorizo. Fry for a few minutes to crisp the chorizo slightly and to release the oils. Drain the chorizo on kitchen paper and wash out the pan. Whisk the eggs and the cream in a separate bowl and melt the butter in the pan over a medium heat. Add the egg-and-cream mixture to the pan with the fried chorizo and the crumbled feta. Stir with a spoon until softly scrambled. To serve, combine the creme fraiche with the lime juice and spoon it over the eggs, along with the chopped fresh coriander.

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