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Recipes: Lisa Faulkner shares favourite recipes from her late mum, Julie


Left: Actress Lisa
Faulkner with her
daughter, Billie

Left: Actress Lisa Faulkner with her daughter, Billie


Left: Actress Lisa Faulkner with her daughter, Billie

My earliest memories of my late mum, Julie, are of her cooking. I can close my eyes and smell the wonderful aromas as if they were drifting up to my childhood bedroom.

I loved to sit at the kitchen table watching in awe as my mum made profiteroles, chicken tarragon, beef Wellington and the most beautiful birthday and Christmas cakes.

What has stayed with me more than anything, though, is the taste of her food. She had a gift for making everything taste just right.

Over the years, my relationship with food has, like any strong marriage, had its fair share of ups and downs. As a model in my teens, I lived on fresh air and green beans and then, as a young actress, on vodka and soda.

I fell in love with food all over again after I married. Enduring three shattering failed IVF attempts wasn't an easy time. I was actively encouraged to put on weight and I found all I wanted to do was bake. It took my minds off things.

After we adopted our daughter, Billie, the two of us started cooking together. Billie loves making pizza dough.

I have two main points on the subject of cooking for kids. The first is flavour. If you can make a meal that's all about taste, you can save yourself from the mind-numbing cycle of cooking the same old thing with the same old ingredients.

The second is by far the most important: cook with your kids! Involve them in what they're eating. Billie's always at her mummy's elbow in the kitchen.

Whatever we are making, she makes sure that we 'sprinkle it with a bit of love' before it can go in the oven. Everything tastes better when it's made with love.

'From My Mother For My Daughter' by Lisa Faulkner,

published by Simon & Schuster

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