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Recipes: Let your tastebuds travel with these recipes from Paul Cadden of Saba



The words 'Sa' and 'Ba' mean 'happy meeting place' in Thai, and this summed up exactly the type of restaurant I wanted to create.

We opened in Dublin's Chatham Street on September 12, 2006, and 'SABA: The Cookbook' is the story of our first five years, jammed with recipes from tasty appetisers and wok dishes to soups and curries.

Authenticity is the key and our food remains true to the origins of Thai/Vietnamese cuisine.

This book is a trail of long grains and noodles, aromas and vapours, tastes and sensations which will help you to recreate your favourite dishes.

Profits go to The Bone Marrow Transplant Unit, Our Lady's Children's Hospital Crumlin and the Thai Red Cross Society to support relief operations in Thailand Sanook. Enjoy!

'The Cookbook: Inside a Thai/ Vietnamese Kitchen', Paul Cadden and Taweesak Trakoolwattana

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