Thursday 22 March 2018

Recipes: Home cooking can be stylish and delicious, says Donal Skehan

One-pan-wonder Mexican Eggs
One-pan-wonder Mexican Eggs
Sofie's Rhubarb Panna Cotta
Chicken Caesar Pasta

Donal Skehan

For my generation in particular -- who have grown up in a time where pre-washed salad bags, ready grated cheese and plastic-wrapped convenience foods have become everyday purchases -- thrifty cooking practices can seem like they are from a forgotten world.

But now is the time to rediscover these great traditions and stop relying on convenience foods.

Banish any thoughts of penny pinching: this is about embracing home cooking at its very best.

The real aim here is to make inexpensive ingredients work harder for the money you spend.

My grandmother is one of the most frugal self-taught cooks you will ever meet: she raised my mom and her six siblings with very little income, but that never stopped her producing wonderfully elegant meals at minimum expense.

Her home-cooking skills, using inexpensive materials and simple methods, form the basis of some of the best kitchen tips that have been passed on to me.

Some of my favourite recipes and practices are ones I've learnt as a result of chatting on the topic of frugal cooking with those in the know -- butchers, greengrocers and fishmongers.

All the recipes are simple to follow and don't require any complicated kitchen equipment, so even those with very few cooking skills can try them.

For those who love to cook regularly, I'd encourage you to use old-fashioned ingredients, such as offal, or underused cuts of meat.

I hope all the recipes will inspire you to try a new approach to cooking; one that is hugely satisfying for your appetite and your wallet.

'Kitchen Hero, Great Food For Less' by Donal Skehan is out on May 10. Published by Collins; £18.99 hardback

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