Sunday 22 April 2018

Recipes: Forget late boozy breakfasts -- try this healthy, sociable brunch, says Lilly Higgins

Quinoa and Chia-Seed Granola
Quinoa and Chia-Seed Granola
Omega-3 Kedgeree
Roast Breakfast Fruit

Lilly Higgins

Brunch has become one of my favourite mealtimes. It's defined as being a wonderful combination of breakfast and lunch where anything goes.

Having cocktails before lunch has become acceptable in the lawless timezone that is brunch. Pancakes with crispy bacon and a Bloody Mary feel quite at home.

I've decided to revamp brunch's boozy, fatty image and serve some fresh and healthy superfoods that set you up for the rest of the day -- or the afternoon at least.

'Superfoods' is a non-scientific marketing term that covers most fruits and vegetables. I like to use it as a gauge for food trends.

Last year it was quinoa and this year's superfood superhero is set to be chia. Chia seeds were cultivated by the Aztecs in pre-Columbian times where it was heralded as a nutritious food as important as maize.

It's completely tasteless, but does provide a nice texture, as well as being a nutrient-rich powerhouse.

Having friends over for brunch is one of the weekend's pleasures.

The Sunday papers on the table, some fruits roasting in the oven and coffee brewing makes for a relaxing and sociable day and a great start to the week ahead.

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