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Recipes: Food you can't say no to with Tamasin Day-Lewis

What do you think of when you think of food you can't say no to? It's very often the simplest of things, such as homemade bread still yeasty warm from the oven, spread with lashings of butter.

Or a dish linked indelibly to your childhood, such as roast chicken on Sunday.

The simpler, so often, the better.

These recipes are filled with good things, some of which you will find familiar but different. The one thing that binds all these dishes together is the fact that they are all homemade from scratch.

They may stir the magic of memory, of childhood, and are often simply the things we know and love best made a little more sophisticated.

These are dishes that have heart, but are not about wizardry, invention or kitchen pyrotechnics. These are, I hope, recipes we really can't say no to.

Tamasin Day-Lewis, 'Food You Can't Say No To', published by Quadrille

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