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Thursday 17 October 2019

Recipes: Donal Skehan says put a Thai-style twist on your leftover turkey and ham

Donal Skehan

While any good cook will boast that there are no leftovers in their house, any realistic cook will admit that there are always leftovers.

In most cases, though, they can be a sad state of affairs, and the thought of reheating the remnants of yesterday's colossal dinner may not exactly spark culinary inspiration.

It might sound strange, but for me the second most exciting part of the Christmas dinner is the leftovers.

While a mega leftover turkey and ham sandwich should never be sniffed at, for those with an aversion to the remains of Christmas dinner, my favourite thing is to give those leftovers an Asian twist.

My crispy Christmas ham spring rolls with a soy ginger dipping sauce make the perfect little appetiser for the festive season.

Spring-roll wrappers can be picked up in Asian stores and kept in the freezer -- just leave them in the fridge to defrost the day before you need them.

During the winter months, I love to liven up dishes with ingredients such as ginger, chilli and lemongrass, and my turkey tom ka gai is a creamy and fragrant noodle soup which will definitely shake up those turkey remains.

Everyone loves a good curry, and my Thai green curry with turkey and squash is a bright and colourful addition to your festive repertoire.

You can quite easily make your own Thai green curry paste or pick up quite good-quality versions in jars and tubs in the supermarket.

I hope the dishes and ideas here inspire you to make the most your leftovers this Christmas.

Have a great one!

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