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Recipes: Create sweet memories with these treats from Lilly Higgins



When I first started writing my blog, it was a way of sharing recipesand making myself cook even more.

I had completed the brilliant course at Ballymaloe Cookery School, completed a degree in design but still wasn't fully sure what I wanted to 'do'.

I love design, photography and making things look gorgeous. I love cooking, baking and eating. Now I've discovered that the life of a food stylist and blogger is for me.

After nearly two years of blogging, my first cook book, 'Make Bake Love', was published.

I baked, styled and photographed everything at home myself, so it was exciting for me to have a book to hold that I can say is all my own work.

I'm one of eight children and my parents always encouraged us to do what we love and work hard at it. My mother always bakes and cooks -- the kitchen is the hub of the home, full of reassuring smells.

My father is an expert forager and makes amazing crab-apple jelly. My favourite memories growing up revolve around days spent blackberry picking or helping bake scones and tarts every Sunday.

Baking has always been one of my favourite things to do -- nothing eases the stress of a long day at the office like kneading dough!

For months the house was full of cake, and anyone who popped in went home laden with biscuits.

Testing the recipes was so enjoyable, and having to make coffee cake for the third time in a week is the dream job for me.

These baking recipes will brighten your mealtimes, make your family feel loved (and full) and help you celebrate the small things in life by baking.

After all, nothing says 'here comes the weekend' like a chocolate peanut butter cake.

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