Tuesday 21 November 2017

Put to the test: Valentines chocolates

Yes, Valentines Day is almost upon us but that shouldn't mean that you risk putting yourself in the red from buying the biggest box of chocolates ever seen, alongside god knows what else.

And when it comes to buying chocolates for your Valentine, remember that yes, we love chocolates but yes, we're also trying not to eat too many of them. With that in mind how about a chocolate treat that's smaller but just as sweet?

The five chocolate treats here are all available from supermarkets and all retail at under €5.50. They were tested on taste and price, but as it proved quite difficult to give scores, our verdict on what they are "best for" is given instead.

Cadbury's milk tray, 400g

Price: €4 at Superquinn (€10 / Kg)

Verdict: These are the old reliables and I bet there isn't a person in the country who hasn't tasted Milk Tray at this point. The old favourites like the caramel and fudge are there along with newcomers hazelnut heaven and orange truffle. All milk chocolate and all good, these are on special offer at Superquinn until February 23. If you want to go even smaller, the 200g box costs just €2.50.

Best for: Comfort.

Specially selected seriously scrumptious tiaramisu truffles, Aldi, 140g

Price: €2.49 (€17.79 / Kg)

Verdict: The Specially Selected range at Aldi offers very good chocolate. The packaging on this one isn't much to look at but they are delicious and as these are dark chocolate, not as sweet as some of the others. You don't get a huge amount of chocolates, and they're not the cheapest here, but you may just find yourself wanting to try the caramel sensations in the same range.

Best for: Taste

M&S big bar of love, 285g

Price: €4.49 (€15.75 / Kg)

Verdict: Marks & Spencer have plenty of big flashy boxes of Valentines chocs on sale but this is a big slab of Swiss milk chocolate and it's a fun alternative. The bar is so big it'll make you laugh and the packaging is modern and young. The chocolate is seriously yummy too.

Best for: Fun. tesco finest belgian chocolate assortment, 200g

Price: €5.49 (€27.45 / Kg)

Verdict: This box has a quiet but sophisticated packaging and would make a nice gift. You only get 15 chocolates though so you're paying for the packaging.

Aside from Cadbury's Milk Tray it's the only one tested here that offers an assortment of flavours. The chocolates are a mix of milk, white and dark and come with fancy names such as 'coeur caramel' and 'marc de champagne'.

Best for: Elegance

JD cross pralines superieurs, Lidl, 250g

Price: €2.49 (€9.96 / Kg)

Verdict: The best price of those tested here, these are chocolates shaped like shells and with a marbled colour.

They are tasty, very sweet and light and the box looks nice too.

Best for: Value.

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