Thursday 23 November 2017

Put to the test: Sliced ham

When you're buying sliced ham for lunch boxes and sandwiches, do you choose reformed ham or slices of cooked ham, or are you confused by the various offerings?

I know I would prefer the cooked ham but wondered what the difference was between the two in terms of taste, ingredients and price.

Of course, cooking your own ham would probably be best of all, but given that most of us don't have the time, we compared five different sliced hams, two of which are made from reformed ham.

Dulano premium quality traditional smoked cooked ham, 231g, Lidl

Price: €2.75 (€11.90 / Kg)

Verdict: The second best price of the products tested here, this pack contains five large slices of smoked cooked ham. They contain 94pc pork and no water but the packaging doesn't indicate where it was produced. The texture is good and the taste is nice.

Score: 4/5

M&S Sliced Honey Roast Ham, 100g

Price: €2.89 (€28.90 / Kg)

Verdict: This is most expensive of the five tested, but this is 99pc pork, the highest of all those tested here. Plus, there is no added water. There is also a honey glaze on top although the taste of the honey was slight. The slices are thin but the taste is good.

Score: 4/5

Tesco Cooked Sandwich ham, 125g

Price: €1.25 (€10 / Kg)

Verdict: The cheapest of all those here, this ham is "sliced, cooked reformed ham with added water". So, it is a different type of ham to those above but the flavour is good in this typical sandwich ham. It contains 86pc pork and is a produce of the EU.

Score: 3.5/5.

Brennans Crumbled Carved Irish Ham, 400g

Price: €2.49 (€17.79 / Kg)

Verdict: This ham contains 87pc pork and does contain water, but it was very tasty nonetheless. You get six large, thick slices of ham with a good texture and crumbs on top. This product is of "Irish origin".

Score: 3/5

SuperValu Cooked ham, 100g

Price: €1.58 (€15.80 / Kg)

Verdict: This one contains 84pc pork and is "cured cooked ham reformed from cuts of pork leg meat". Like the Tesco ham, it does contain water and salt but there is little difference between the two on taste. This one is a little more expensive, but is produced in Ireland.

Score: 3/5

Irish Independent

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