Sunday 22 April 2018

Put to the Test: Natural yogurt

Some might prefer the sugary fruity variety, but natural yogurt can taste great. And it can be used instead of cream, or on cereal and in sauces so it has the versatility factor.

This week we tested five own-brand tubs of natural yogurt. Each pot weighs the same so the prices are comparable on that score.

We scored on taste and looked at the calorie, protein and fat content as well as country of origin.

Aldi duneen low-fat natural probiotic yogurt, 500g

Verdict: Joint lowest in price, this yogurt tastes good, has a thick consistency, which we like, and contains probiotic cultures. It's also produced in Ireland. However, although it's labelled as low fat, the fat content is actually second highest of those tested at 1.9g per 100g. There are 68 calories per 100g, again second highest but the protein content, at 5.2g per 100g is joint second highest.

Price: 55c

Supervalu organic natural yogurt, 500g

Verdict: This is quite a lot dearer than the rest and you're paying for organic ingredients (although SuperValu does carry a cheaper non-organic range currently at 55c a pot), but the ingredient list is great and it contains probiotic cultures. It was our favourite to taste as has a thick consistency, was creamy and not too light. It is the only yogurt here to contain cream, so the calories are highest at 90 per 100g and the fat content is highest too at 4g per 100g. But the good news is the protein value is 6g per 100g, the highest of the yogurts tasted. It is produced in Ireland.

Price: €1.89

Superquinn essentials natural yogurt, 500g

Verdict: This yogurt is also produced in Ireland and contains probiotic cultures. It is, however, made with skimmed milk, bringing the fat content down to 0.4g per 100g and the calories to 53 per 100g, both second lowest. It tastes a little lighter than the two above but is good and the protein count is joint second highest at 5.2g per 100g.

Price: 99c

Lidl linessa natural yogurt, 500g

Verdict: A great price and the taste is fine, but a little thin and light for our taste buds. It is made with skimmed milk so the fat content is lowest at only 0.1g per 100g and it has the least amount of calories at 48 per 100g. The protein is joint lowest though (5g per 100g) and there is no indication of where the yogurt was produced.

Price: 55c

Tesco value low fat natural yogurt, 500g

Verdict: The taste of this yogurt is also fine, but again quite light and with a thinner consistency. The calorie count is second lowest at 65 per 100g, but the protein content is joint lowest at 5g per 100g and the fat content is third highest at 1.5g per 100g. The price is joint lowest and this yogurt is made in the UK.

Price: 55c

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