Thursday 14 December 2017

Put to the Test: Marmalade

Thick cut or thin, think of marmalade and you think of breakfast time and toast. But have you ever thought of what is in your preferred one? Of the five orange varieties tasted here, fruit content ranges from 20% to 35%, although sugar and calorie content are much the same across the board. The price varies hugely too but, most importantly, what about the taste?

Aldi Grandessa Orange Marmalade, 454g

Score: 4/5

Verdict: A fantastic price, this marmalade contains 35% fruit and 67g sugar per 100g. It isn't too sharp, but is very sweet with a strong fruity taste. There are 260 calories per 100g, which is more or less the same as all the marmalades here.

Price: €0.69 (€1.52 / Kg)

Lidl Maribel Orange Marmalade, 450g

Score: 3.5/5

Verdict: Another great price, this one also contains 35% fruit and has a little more sugar at 67g per 100g. It seemed marginally lighter and sweeter to taste than Aldi's offering. However, we were disappointed with the lack of complete and clear nutritional details on the label, the only one tasted that didn't include all the info.

Price: €0.69 (€1.53 / Kg)

Londis Heritage Orange Marmalade, 454g

Score: 3/5

Verdict: A higher price, but we liked this one. It has a rich taste and a huge amount of 'bits', although it only contains 20% of fruit. Sugar content is 65g per 100g and the calorie count is 261 per 100g.

Price: €1.35 (€2.97 / Kg)

Tesco Fine Cut Orange Marmalade, 454g

Score: 3/5

Verdict: A good price for this marmalade and it has 30% fruit, so bang in the middle when it came to scoring on price and fruit content. It was sweet and not very strong, so we didn't favour the taste as much. There are 65g per 100g of sugar and 260 calories per 100g.

Price: €0.85 (€1.87 / Kg)

Centra Orange Jelly Marmalade, 454g

Score: 2.5/5

Verdict: The dearest of the lot, we also found this the sweetest and lightest in flavour of those tested. It's not bad, just not as rich in taste as some of the others. It contains 20% fruit, 65g of sugar per 100g and 261 calories per 100g.

Price: €1.79 (€3.94 / Kg)

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