Tuesday 16 January 2018

Put to the test: Kitchen foil

Whether you're covering a plate of leftovers, your packed lunch or a baking tray, I bet you use a fair amount of kitchen foil.

In fairness, it was hard to see any difference in the quality of the foil itself so we tested on price, packaging and ease of use. When it comes to cost, we give the price per metre for each pack, along with the retail price but for the Centra and Londis packs, the foil was wider (44.5cm / 45cm wide versus 30cm wide) than the others) so you should take this into account when looking at cost.

Tesco Kitchen Foil, 10m x 30cm

Score: 4/5

Verdict: This wasn't the cheapest tested, but was the easiest to use, with a good opening mechanism, plus it cut the best of all tested because it had the sharpest razor edge. The pack contains plenty of useful information, from warnings on safe use to a roasting chart and roasting guide.

Price: €1.39 (13.9c per metre)

Aldi Alio Kitchen Foil, 30m x 30cm

Score: 3.5/5

Verdict: Along with Lidl's foil, this one is joint cheapest. It opens easily. Although like all of the others, bar Tesco's foil, the cut isn't as sharp as you might want. However, we did manage to get a clean cut on the first try. The pack contains plenty of warning info such as not to put on salty foods or on metal plates.

Price: €2.19 (7.3c per metre)

Centra Kitchen Foil, 10m x 44.5cm

Score: 3/5

Verdict: This foil is wider, measuring 44.5cm wide, so you get more size for the price. This doesn't have an easy opening mechanism but does cut well so we had no problems there. There is also plenty of information on the pack, including warnings and a roasting and temperature chart.

Price: €2.44 (24c per metre)Lidl Aromata Kitchen Foil, 30m x 30cm

Score: 3.5/5

Verdict: Another winner on price, this pack carries fewer warnings but they are there. It does have an easy opening mechanism, but we had several tries before we got a clean cut.

Price:€2.19 (7.3 per metre)

Londis Heritage Kitchen Foil, 5m x 45cm

Score: 2.5/5

Verdict: This is similar in width to Centra's foil at 45cm wide, so again you have to take that into account when comparing price. The packaging has a nice clean design but no easy opening mechanism. It carries plenty of warnings but was not the sharpest cutter of the lot.

Price: €1.65 (33c per metre)

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