Tuesday 12 December 2017

Put to the test: Digestive biscuits

Sometimes a plain digestive biscuit is all you need with a cup of tea! We tested five own-brand digestives, and scored on taste and texture as well as nutritional information and content. All of them list wheatflour and vegetable oil as the main ingredients, but there were differences in taste.

Tesco digestive biscuits, 500g

Score: 4/5

Verdict: Not the cheapest, admittedly, but not a bad price either and these were our favourite ones to eat. The biscuit was a nice, large size and they provided good crunch and texture. The packaging offers plenty of nutritional information and there are 480 calories per 100g (that's a lot of digestives). Plus it has the joint-lowest sugar content of 18.4g per 100g.

Price: 89c (€1.78 / Kg)

Londis heritage digestive biscuits, 250g

Score: 3.5/5

Verdict: These biscuits were the dearest, and they came in the smallest packet. However, they were tasty, with a good crunch and weren't too sweet, with the joint-lowest sugar content of 18.4g per 100g. There were clear nutritional guidelines, and there are 491 calories per 100g.

Price: 67c (€2.76 / Kg)

Aldi belmont digestive biscuits, 400g

Score: 3/5

Verdict: The three 'bargain' biscuits scored lower on the taste front, but Aldi's had a nice texture, although they were a little sweet. They do contain 21.4g of sugar per 100g. The calorie count is lowest of all those tested at 467 calories per 100g.

Price: 37c (92.5c / Kg)

Lidl tower gate digestive biscuits, 400g

Score: 3/5

Verdict: We found very little difference in the taste between these and Aldi's digestives. They were also too sweet for our liking and have a marginally higher sugar content at 21.6g per 100g. The nutritional guidelines are clear and there are 489 calories per 100g.

Price: 37c (92.5c / Kg)

Superquinn euroshopper digestive biscuits, 400g

Score: 2.5/5

Verdict: These digestives were the thinnest of those tested and had a different texture to the others. They tasted fine, but not what we wanted in a digestive! The nutritional information is lacking -- the carbohydrate content is not broken down to detail sugar content and no daily nutritional guidelines are given. There are 485 calories per 100g.

Price: 37c (92.5c / Kg)

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