Sunday 22 April 2018

Put to the test: chicken stock

Edel Coffey

Chicken stock is the mysterious terrain of the domestic goddess. Who has the time to make it from scratch?

Every time I roast a chicken, an abiding aspiration to use all parts of the bird resurfaces. I momentarily think about making a stock from the chicken carcass, and freezing the result for convenient future use.

Needless to say, the stock never gets made. And why would it, when there are so many decent-tasting ready-made stocks available on the shelves? Just add water.

Marks and Spencer Concentrated Chicken Stock


verdict This jar of concentrated stock comes in a sort of jelly form (four teaspoons make one pint of stock). It dissolves quickly to make a tempting-smelling and subtly flavoured stock. It's the most expensive of the bunch but it's a big jar and not a dried product. For each 100mls of stock, there are seven calories, 0.9g protein, 1.1g fat and 0.6g sugar.

Score: 4/5

Aldi Quixo Chicken Stock Cubes, 12 cubes


verdict Aldi offers the best value for money with these 12 cubes of dried chicken stock for 89c. These cubes have the strongest chicken flavour and reminded me a little of my college days, where dried noodles with a powdery sachet of chicken stock was part of my staple diet. These cubes taste quite salty so I diluted this product a little more than the others to get a gentler flavour. Per 100mls of stock, there are two calories, 0.4g protein, and nil sugar and fat.

score: 3/5

Tesco Chicken Stock Cubes, 10 cubes


verdict These cubes have a mild chicken flavour and again, taste quite salty. These cubes have a more moist consistency than the Aldi cubes – they are almost a cube of paste, really – and the end product is very similar. Per 112mls of stock, there are seven calories, a trace of protein, 0.2g sugar and 0.4g fat.

score: 3/5

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