Wednesday 18 July 2018

Put to the test: Brown bread

When you think of brown bread, do you think of thick slabs of filling bread like your mum used to make, or do you think of a brown sliced pan?

Well, they are both labelled brown bread so even though they do look and taste different, why not put them side by side in the taste test!

Tasted here are three brown sliced pans and two sliced brown wheaten breads. We looked at taste, calories, ingredients and price.

However, despite sharing the brown bread title, these products are not the same, so bear that in mind when reading the scores given.

Ballymore crust sliced wheaten bread, Aldi, 480g

Price: €0.89 (€1.85 / Kg)

Verdict: You get just over half the amount of bread in this sliced wheaten loaf than you do in any of the sliced pans here, but the bread is more filling so you shouldn't need to eat as much. This bread is made with 49pc buttermilk and lists no preservatives. It contains 91 calories per slice, is very tasty indeed and is produced in Ireland.

Score: 4 / 5

Superquinn wholemeal sliced bread, 800g

Price: €1.69 (€2.11 / Kg)

Verdict: The dearest of the sliced pans, but if you're interested this one has the lowest calories per slice at 79. The packaging looks good and the slices are good and thick. The bread tasted fresh and good and was my favourite of the sliced pans, although there wasn't a lot in it. This one is "specially prepared for Superquinn Dublin", but it doesn't say where.

Score: 4 / 5

Mccann's wholemeal premium sliced bread, Lidl, 800g

Price: €0.99 (€1.23 / Kg)

Verdict: The best price for the sliced pans tasted here, this one is made in Newry and, like the other sliced pans, lists wholemeal flour as its main ingredient. The bread has a good brown colour, the slices are thick enough and it tastes fine. Preservatives and additives are listed, but then they are also listed in the other sliced pans.

Score: 3.5 / 5

Supervalu premium brown sliced pan, 800g

Price: €1.25 (€1.56 / Kg)

Verdict: This sliced pan also has thick enough slices and tastes good. Each slice contains the highest calorie count of the sliced pans here at 90 calories. It has similar ingredients, including preservatives, as the other sliced pans and is produced in Ireland.

Score: 3 / 5

Mothers pride square wheaten, Lidl, 400g

Price: €0.89 (€2.22 / Kg)

Verdict: When compared to the Aldi wheaten square this one had a lighter colour and a lighter flavour, which wasn't as much to our taste. Containing 42pc buttermilk, it also lists more preservatives and additives than Aldi's offering and is slightly dearer. The calorie count is better though, at 82 calories a slice. It is made in Belfast.

Score: 3 / 5

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