Thursday 23 November 2017

Put to the Test: Barm brack

We got a head start on Halloween by tasting four bracks from the supermarkets and all four do the job well, although only two, Aldi and Lidl's offerings, contained rings.

Superquinn's brack is freshly baked and bursting with fruit so is a superior product. The other three are perfectly good though. We also looked at the nutritional content and price.

Superquinn barm brack

Score: 4/5

Verdict: This one is different from the three below because it is baked fresh in Superquinn's bakery. As a result, it is a more expensive offering but the quality and freshness are great. There is a good spicy flavour and plenty of fruit, plus it isn't sugary. There is a light glaze on top so it looks good too.

Price: €3.99

Lidl irwins barm brack, 454g

Score: 3.5/5

Verdict: This brack comes in the middle of the Lidl, Aldi and Tesco offerings in terms of fruit content with 31% sultanas, but this one also has plenty of candied fruit, which gives it a strong flavour and a sharper, moist taste. It contains the most calories at 295 per 100g but has the least fat at 3.4g per 100g.

Price: €1.69 (€3.72 / Kg)

Aldi ballymore crust traditional halloween barm brack, 454g

Score: 3.5/5

Verdict: If you prefer a fruity taste rather than a candied fruit one, then this one contains the most sultanas at 34%, and it also contains some candied lemon and orange peel, but that taste doesn't overwhelm. The taste is good and also sweet, with the highest sugar content at 34.9g per 100g. It is also cheapest of those tested here.

Price: €0.75 (€4.05 / Kg)

Tesco value halloween brack, 400g

Score: 3/5

Verdict: This brack has the least amount of fruit with 25% sultanas, so it's not as fruity or juicy and as a result tastes more 'bready' than the others, so whether you prefer this one will depend on your personal preference. This brack contains the most fat however, at 7.1g per 100g, but does have the lowest sugar content at 18.7g per 100g.

Price: €1 (€2.50 /Kg)

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