Monday 19 February 2018

Put to the test: Back rashers

Thick-cut, thin-cut or flavoured, sometimes there is nothing nicer than a rasher on toast or a crispy rasher as part of a full fry up.

There is a lot of variety out there and this week we test back rashers. All the rashers were blind tasted and scores were given on taste and flavour as well as pork content.

Superquinn back rashers, 400g

Price: €3.79 (€9.48 / Kg)

Verdict: These were voted the favourite on taste and seemed to be good quality and as one tester said "tasted like real ham". They are thin cut and contain 92pc pork with 30g providing 58 calories, and are produced in Ireland.

Score: 4 / 5

Tesco finest pale dry cure back rashers, 200g

Price: €1.99 (€9.95 / Kg)

Verdict: These are thick-cut rashers containing 97pc pork, the highest pork content of those tested here. The amount of saltiness was just right and the flavour was good. These are Bord Bia approved and contain 75 calories per 38g, but are the second dearest of those tested here.

Score: 3.5 / 5

Lidl madalisk unsmoked thick cut back rashers, 250g

Price: €1.99 (€7.96 / Kg)

Verdict: Joint lowest price with Aldi's rashers, these taste like the standard rasher, are a little bit salty but would be fine for breakfast. These also carry the Bord Bia mark. The rashers are made with 89pc pork and each 50g thick cut rasher contains 88 calories.

Score: 3.5 / 5

Centra mild cure rashers, 200g

Price: €2.99 (€14.95/ Kg)

Verdict: These were voted second favourite on taste but unfortunately are the dearest here by a long shot and contain the lowest amount of pork at 88pc. They were deemed salty but "just right" with the right 'bacon-y' taste. However, they contain 84 calories per 30g. They have the Bord Bia Quality Mark for Irish produce.

Score: 3 / 5

Aldi brannans hickory irish thick cut back bacon rashers, 250g

Price: €1.99 (€7.96 /Kg)

Verdict: These were the least favourite on taste but do come at a good price. They are thick cut and each 50g rasher contains 64 calories. They were very salty and had the highest salt content of all but it was the slightly smoked hickory flavour that testers felt didn't taste 'real'.

Score: 2.5 / 5

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