Thursday 14 December 2017

Pancake Day: Size really does matter as scientists find formula for perfect pancake flip


THE lemon and sugar are standing by, the batter is in the pan. But it is the pancake flip which causes many cooks to break out into a cold sweat on Shrove Tuesday.

Now University College London have come up with a formula for the perfect flipping technique and it seems size really does matter.

According to University Professor of Mathematics Frank Smith, the simple mathematical formula for the perfect flip is:

L = 4×H /?– D / 2

(L = hand distance from inner edge of the pancake / H = height of flip / D = diameter of pancake)

Professor Smith said: "We all know that no-one enjoys wasting ingredients but there are many factors and risks involved in producing a perfect pancake.

"We’ve discovered that the wrong direction or speed, for instance, will mean that the average flipper may ruin two or even more pancakes trying to perfect their technique.

"We aim to reduce this waste by advising people how to achieve the perfect flip."

They have even come up with a formula for pancake aficiandos if you want to take your flipping to greater heights.

[U, ?, V, L] = [(2gH)1/2, ?(g/ 8H) 1/2, (g/ 32H) 1/2(8H – ?D), V / ?]

(U = upward speed of centre of pancake / ? = rotation rate / V = upward speed of inner edge of pancake / g = 9.81 m/s2 (acceleration due to gravity)

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