Wednesday 22 November 2017

Other handy low-cal cooking gadgets

Tesco Texet Juice Extractor on sale until 31st January at the budget price of €39.99.
Tesco Texet Juice Extractor on sale until 31st January at the budget price of €39.99.
Tesco Texet air fryer, €69.99
The Phillips air fryer.
The NutriBullet is on sale for €99 at Harvey Norman.
Lidl contact grill, €16.99
Lidl's nutrition scale, €14.99


If you've considered a juice fast/detox or simply adding more fresh juices into your diet, you might have considered adding a carton of fresh green juice to your supermarket shop. Healthy juices (and many of them seem to be green!) bought off the shelf can put serious pressure on your shopping budget, with leading brands charging as much as €3.50 for a 300ml bottle.

Why not buy a juicer and make your own healthy juice and drink it freshly pressed? You'll find the Tesco Texet Juice Extractor (right) on sale until January 31 at the budget price of €39.99.


The difference between a NutriBullet™ and a regular juicer is that there is no pulp or waste left after blending any combination of fruit and vegetables together. What you put into the blending cup is precisely what you get in the end product - a blended smoothie packed with fruits and vegetables. With a juicer you can lose beneficial fibre, pulp, and seeds. Because the NutriBullet™ has a powerful 600W motor and blades, you can use it blend hard items such as ice, nuts and seeds.

The original NutriBullet™ (pictured) is on sale in Harvey Norman at the moment for €99 which seems to be the cheapest option available. It's available in silver, grey and red colours, and the cups fit into the dishwasher top rack.

Interestingly however, Lidl have a very similar offer on sale today, priced at €39.99, with a 700W motor. This seems to suggest it's more powerful than the popular brand name above. At such a cheap price it is sure to fly off the shelves, so get to Lidl early if you want to snap up a bargain.

Air Fryer

As an alternative to the deep fat fryer, the "air fryer" concept uses a combination of a grill element and circulating hot air to cook your food. It's suitable for things like chips, meat, and certain types of baking (believe it or not).

Phillips' original air fryer (left) is on sale in Harvey Norman and DID for €129 at the moment. There are no greasy odours and you can cook your food in a much healthier way. If you're not picky about brand name, you can buy the alternative Texet air fryer (right) in Tesco which is priced at €69.99. There is a more expensive digital version for €89.99, however the cheaper option will do the job just as well. PS

Other cooking tools on offer today in Lidl include a contact grill (left) for €16.99, and a comprehensive nutrition scale (right) for €14.99. I can recommend the nutrition scale in particular as I've still got the one I bought in Lidl two years ago and it's still in regular use.

by Caitriona Redmond

Irish Independent

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