Thursday 19 April 2018

One-way ticket to Margaritaville! Tequila 101 with 777’s Leo Molloy

Patricia Murphy

Patricia Murphy

The manager of Dublin’s most delicious tequila bar shares a delicious margarieta recipe for the weekend.

Genuine tequila is made using 100pc blue agave which is native to Jalisco, Mexico.

 “Much like Champagne, only beverages made from the plant surrounding the city of Tequila can actually be  called tequilla.

“Each bottle of genuine tequila will have NOM code displayed on the bottle, which gives insight into the Mexican distillery where it is made,” said Leo Molloy, Bar Manager of 777.


Blue Algave takes over seven years to grow to maturity.

This is why tequila is one of the world’s more expensive spirits.

After cultivation, some tequilas are aged for more than a year, which means your magarita could be 8 years in the making.


There are three types of tequila.

Blanco/Silver, which is crystal clear and has never been aged. It is the tequila most commonly used in the making of cocktails.

Reposado (meaning rested in Spanish) is commonly called gold tequila and is aged for less than a year.

Anego is aged for over a year and more of a ‘sipping tequila.’


No tequila should ever have a worm.

Believed to be an American marketing gimic dating back to the 1950s, worms should never be in tequila.

“Worms are more likely to be associated with Mezcal, an spirit made with any type of agave, in the Mexican region of Oaxaca,” said Leo.


In 777 El Jimador is the tequila of choice when it comes to making their house margarita.

 Named after the worker who cuts the leaves from the blue agave plants, the silver tequila is ideal for most cocktails.

Silver tequila is a great ingredient in most fruity cocktails due to its bright citrus flavours and grassy aromas.

Bold Mexican flavours are better matched with tequila than particular dishes.

“Chillis, for example chipotle, which is ripe jalepeno smoke dried, accompanies tequila particularly well.

“Watermelon, lime and other citrus flavours accompany tequila well and also coriander.

“Grilled fish pairs well with tequilas particularly in the warm summer months,” finished Leo.



Here is a good starting point for a Margarita


50ml Blanco Tequila

35ml Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice

35ml Cointreau (Triple Sec Liqueur)

1 Lime wedge.

Maldon Sea Salt


Moisten half of the outside rim of glass with lime wedge. Roll OUTSIDE edge of glass in sea salt, coating half of the rim. This give the drinker the option of salt or no salt. Add the other 3 ingredients to fresh ice in a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously for about 20-30 seconds. Strain into the salted glass and garnish with the lime wedge.


One-way ticket to Margaritaville!




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