Monday 11 December 2017

Meat-free burgers that keep you full of beans

Bean burgers are a fantastic way of getting a protein-rich meal
Bean burgers are a fantastic way of getting a protein-rich meal

Aoife Barry

As a child I couldn't stand beans, and, regardless of whether they were baked, refried or fresh beans. I was convinced that there was no point in having them on my plate.

Truth be told, I don't recall ever eating them -- I had simply told myself there was no way I would (or should)! I couldn't have been more wrong about beans, because not only are they hearty and filling but they're also healthy too, and an essential part of a vegetarian or vegan diet.

Even if you eat meat, they should be a regular feature on your dinner plate. The best beans for burgers are the heartier types, such as kidney beans, black beans and chickpeas, and a humble tin of mixed beans offers the benefits of at least three of them.

If you no longer eat meat, one question you might be asked is "Don't you miss burgers?" Personally, I don't miss them at all, especially when there are endless varieties of vegetarian burgers.

Plus, with veggie burgers you can add in all sorts of pulses, seeds and vegetables, so you get more bang for your buck.

And they're a cinch to make at home. Bean burgers are a fantastic way of getting a protein-rich meal, and in this vegan burger there are also three vegetables. If you're not a mushroom fan -- and I'll admit that I'm not really one -- chop the mushrooms finely in a food processor or blender and you'll barely detect them in the finished product.

These are pretty spicy burgers, so feel free to reduce the chilli powder by half if you so wish.

These are best cooked in a little oil or baked -- you could barbecue them, but you may find them a little too fragile for this.

Served with a dollop of barbecue or spicy sauce, lots of vegetables and oven-baked chips, these burgers are great for a mid-week treat. The bean and vegetable mix will keep in the fridge overnight and firm up if refrigerated.

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