Max Rocha: ‘A lot of chefs are alcoholics. I’ve worked in restaurants where they have to put salt in the cooking wine so people don’t drink it’

Burnt out from his first career in music management, Max Rocha turned to his other passion, food. He opened his first restaurant, Café Cecilia last summer, and with lots of help from his entrepreneurial family, he’s cooking on gas

Max Rocha by Andrew Nuding

Katy McGuinness

There’s a familiar figure with long grey hair puffing on a cigarillo outside Café Cecilia in Hackney, East London, Max Rocha’s new restaurant. It may still be breakfast time, but designer John Rocha, Max’s father, is already on site for a snagging session with the builders. Inside, Max’s sister, fashion designer Simone, is conducting a meeting at a corner table.