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Luxuries cut back as the grocery bills rise

SIOBHAN Coogan, from Stillorgan, Co Dublin, first noticed her rising grocery bills in November and December.

The mother of three girls normally does her grocery shopping in Dunnes in Cornelscourt.

"I would do a big weekly shop, and I would say it was costing us €220 a week. But recently that has gone up to about €240.

"I would sometimes go to Lidl as well, but I have also noticed prices going up there.

"I really notice the high price of things like cereals and pasta.

"We like to get good food, but we wouldn't live extravagantly. We would have bought a lot of organic food, but we have now cut down on that.

"The rise in grocery prices comes on top of cuts in salary and higher taxes. It will be hard to cut back on our food bills, but we have cut back elsewhere. We now eat out very rarely, and we will not be going away on foreign holidays."

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